Gabriel Terrance Wirnowski
Born Saturday, Jul. 27th 2002, 4:32pm, 8lb 7oz, 20"

Gabriel has an entirely different story to share than his older brother Declan on nearly all fronts. The second preganacy was a bit tougher on mom, leading up to a surprise caeserian section on Saturday after Gabriel basically told us he wasn't coming out any other way.

Unlike his older brother who's still in the 20th percentile, Gabriel was huge at birth (96th percentile), and had a full head of dark brown hair - even a set of great sideburns!

He's named after the Archangel Gabriel, and as one might guess, we certainly had a much easier time locating an icon of the Archangel Gabriel than we did with St Declan!

Other than that -- Gabe became the second grandson to the same set of aunts and grandparents on both the Sullivan and Wirnowski side of our family.

Gabriel was baptized on Sat, September 7th 2002 and has been growing fast since!

Shellshocked dad after birth
Gabriel @ one week old
One day old!
Taking a quick nap!
Gabriel @ birth
Beaming mom x2