Declan Mark Wirnowski
Born Monday, Feb. 5th 2001, 10:34pm, 6lb 15oz, 19"

Pregnancy was everything it was cracked up to be; aside from a handful of nauseous weeks in the first trimester. Michelle literally glowed through the pregnancy. And let's not mention the scant 24 minutes of pushing during labor -- pretty amazing for a first baby!

We named or son after St. Declan of Ardmore, a 5th century Irish saint. Declan's grandfather (W) recently commissioned an icon of St Declan - believed to be the only icon of St Declan of Ardmore.

Declan's first week certainly wasn't what anyone was expecting and there's no doubt that he is our miracle boy.

Other than that -- little Declan made a bunch of new first-time grandparents and aunts on both the Sullivan and Wirnowski side of our family.

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Mom & little "Peanut"
Declan moments after birth!
Stick em' Up!
Declan in his homogenizer
A proud dad!
Declan's Baptism