Declan Growing Up...

It seems like it was only yesterday when he was born - and he's already running faster than dad (almost!)

We wanted to share some of our favorite Declan pictures with you.

As you might have guessed from the camping pictures, Declan loves crazy camping - we took him up to the Sierra Nevadas three times in 2001 & twice in 2002 - and he regularly goes for hikes at Rancho San Antonio County Park in the Cupertino foothills.

At three months, Declan started smiling - and boy did he! He especially liked the "blah" that Bard - a great dragon puppet from the Baby Einstein videos - does. And amazingly (to us anywhere), he started scooting in late June, was crawling in August 01' and was full-on walking at only nine months!

He's turned out to be quite the daredevil (dad watched him climb to the top of a 7ft ladder at 14mo) - seeking out the most dangerous and thrilling things to do, and absolutely loves swimming (almost as much as he loves his blueberries!)

As he nears his 2nd birthday, Declan is already into multi-word sentences and boy does he love Thomas the Tank Engine.

Soon to be TWO!

30min old
1 mo old...
2.5 mo old
Naked @ 3mo
Camping @ 3mo
Camping @ 4.5mo
5 months: Sunday Best!
8 mo old
Walkin @ 9mo
Camping @ 16mo
@ 18mo
Swimming @ 18mo
Big brother!
Driving a car at 21mo
20mo bath
ABQ Zoo @ 21 mo
Waving on the carousel 10/02
Rocking Horse Fun 11/02