Douglas Wirnowski
Christian, Husband, Father, Product Marketing Guru, PIM junkie

BELIEFS... Born & baptized an Orthodox Christian, I have been an active member in the St. Herman Russian Orthodox Mission since moving to California. One of the first things that will strike you upon entering an Orthodox church is the utter timelessness & peacefulness. I encourage you to take a look at this overview of the Orthodox Church...
FAMILY...The eldest of two children to wonderful parents (Jack & Patricia), I met Michelle, the absolute love of my life, at UC Davis in '92 and married her in '95. We had our first child Declan Mark in 2/01, our second son - Gabriel Terrance in 7/02, and the latest family addition, Danielle Corinne in 12/04. A fascinating cultural tie between Orthodoxy and my Carpatho-Rusyn family heritage can be found here. And take a look at our family's patron saints while you're at it!

PERSONAL... A Palm & Macintosh fan, I do find some time for a few other things...most notably "crazy camping" deep in the Sierra Nevadas without any sense of civilization - as well as photography, hiking, viticulture & gardening.

CAREER... Ever hear of the 'Pilot'? I was fortunate enough to spend several years at Palm working on one of the most significant products of the 1990s. As a Product Marketer working with the visionaries that created the Pilot back in 1995, I helped to develop & ship the PalmPilot (Personal, Professional), the Palm III, Palm V as well as the end-user features in PalmOS 3.5. My last bit of legacy with Palm was bringing Palm-empowerment to all MacOS users. While it was a great ride, a truly wild opportunity presented itself in 1999 and convinced me to try something completely new with a new startup called Ten Square. Located in downtown San Jose, we peaked at over 150 people in 2001 before succumbing to the 2001 economic downturn. On July 30, 2001, we closed our doors after not being able to raise the final round of capital we needed to achieve profitability -- only a scant eight months out.

My strength has been identifying underlying consumer problems, then specifying and leading the development of the needed software behind the devices. My overriding goal has always been to radically simplify how consumers interact with and use new technology. Specifically, my direct functional experience spans over 13 years and has been heavily focused with corporate strategy, market & consumer research, competitive intelligence, business development, project management and quality assurance. With such a multidisciplinary background, I'm always open to new opportunities - here's my resumé!