Favorite Pictures

Photography is certainly one of my favorite hobbies! While most of my shooting was done with a Nikon 35mm,
I've been surprised at the quality and convenience the new Canon s40 digital camera offers (top row).
Sandia Mtns Sandia Mtns
Sandia mountains
from the La Luz Trail 11/02
Sandia mountains
from the Pino Trail at sunset 12/02
Fall blossoms on the La Luz Trail 11/02
Desert foliage after snowfall 12/02
Winter landscape on the Pino Trail 12/02
West Scotland 1999
Wales Countryside 4/99
Girvin, Scotland @ sunset 5/99
Girvin, Scotland @ sunset 5/99
Flowring lane in Scotland 4/99
Buckingham Guards 4/99
Buckingham Guards closeup 4/99
Night sailing off western Maui 12/99
Haleakala greets a new day on Maui 1/00
Sandia Mtns
San Jose Sunset 10/02
Sleepy Sonoma morning 11/02
Mother & son camping in the Sierras 6/01
Seed pod in CA foothills 6/02