Michelle Wirnowski

Family...The second of four children to wonderful parents (Terry and Kathy), Michelle is the best wife anyone could hope for! An extremely loving and understanding person, Michelle is liked by everyone who meets her! Motherhood seems to be another one of those things she's great at, as both our sons, Declan and Gabriel certainly would agree!

Let's take a look at her family: Joyce - the oldest Sullivan daughter - works at Cadence, while Karen has joined the slimy ranks of lawyers (we tried to talk her out of it, but...) That leaves Jennifer - the youngest - who is wrapping up college down in New Mexico. Three great sisters-in-law who always manage to spice up the family gatherings ;-)

Work... Wondering if childbirth was scary for Michelle? Think again! She's been one of the staff nurses in the Labor & Delivery at Good Samaritan Hospital for several years now - and talk about a rewarding job! There can't be much more rewarding than bringing new lives into the world.She's currently getting ready for their Transport crew, so she'll be helicoptering around before you know it! Motherhood...

As I was saying, Michelle is truly a great & very active mom! Whether it's crazy camping without facilitites, or heading up for an afternoon hike with both boys...she's always smiles and fun to be around.